Our approach

Finding an influencer that matches your brand values and campaign goals is essential, but that’s just the start. Cognito can help you activate your influencer engagement as part of your full campaign planning.

Discovery & Mapping

Discover influencers within the finance and tech world who have the gravitas to take your campaign to the next level
Take advantage of the deep data and proprietary algorithms that go into the back end of Finfluence to ensure you are shown influencers who match your campaign needs
Gather intelligence about each influencer and learn how they can support your needs across multiple channels


Build trusted relationships with influencers in order to turn them into willing participants and advocates of your brand
Partner with influencers to develop content that strengthens your credibility and enhances brand reach across the key topics you want to be known for
Work with influencers across multiple channels to reach their audience at multiple touchpoints to enhance your presence


Events such as roundtables, webinars, podcasts or speaker panels which enable intimate audience engagement
Equip the influencer with branded assets to publish on their own channels, making it easy for them to activate the campaign, while providing you control over the aesthetic, aligning to other elements of your campaign
Develop enhanced content through videos, blogs, recordings, replays and interviews to get greatest value for money from your collaboration

Meet the team

A multi-disciplined team spanning the full comms mix from digital and social media to PR and relations, all underpinned by strategies which deliver real business outcomes.

David Simpson

Digital Strategist

Kirsty Howe

PR Specialist

Andrew Marshall

Analyst Relations